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3 simple steps


Fully integrated with Horus

Are you a Horus user ? Get started in less than 2 minutes, your invoices and your contacts are synchronized automatically.


Let Recovr working for you

Your invoices and payments are matched automatically. An invoice is late ? You customized reminder process starts directly, reducing the payment delay.


Access to third-parties in 1-click

Late payer ? With Recovr you send a lawyer letter or start a procedure with a bailiff in 1-click and without any additionnal cost.

How does it work ?


Automate your follow-up

The whole debt collection process is automated or accessed in 1-click on the platform. Thanks to the automatic payments reconciliation, you are immediately aware of new late invoices and you can start the process as soon as possible. From the first email or sms reminders, the call center on-demand, down to the bailiff or lawyer, you choose what you automate and what you access in one-click.

Customer intelligence

Each client is unique. We believe it as much as you do. That's why your workflow could be customized to every client. In order to help you take the right decision at the right time, we unleash the power of the available data, you will be directly informed whenever a client is at risk.

Get your own collection team, in 1-click

Calling on external resources such as a lawyer, a bailiff or an external call-center has never been that easy. Using Recovr, you are 1-click away from a trained agent in a call-center, a bailiff office or a lawyer. All of this without additionnal cost, included in your package.

What's the real cost of your late invoices ?

Do the test in 1mn and discover what your unpaid invoices are really costing you.

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