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All your data in one place

Stop chasing the information. Every data about your unpaid invoices are gathered on one single platform. Your invoices' data, the communication with your debtor and the third parties that handle the case. The relevant information is available in a breeze.

Data centralization

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Invoicing 2.0

Enjoy all the benefits of the e-invoicing with Recovr. Thanks to our link with Codabox, your accountant receives your invoices and credit notes automatically in his accounting software as you emit them. Say goodbye to the monthly visit to your accountant with a box full of papers. The invoices emitted through Recovr respect the e-fff standard for e-invoicing. For the paper aficionados, it is still possible to send your invoices by postal mail in 1-click, at an advantageous price.

Payments just got easier

Thanks to our partner Digiteal, you can add a QR code to your invoice, allowing your clients to pay you in a breeze. Also, a pay-now link is added to your e-mail invoices as well as your reminders. Finally, a structured communication is automatically specified in your invoices, allowing a perfect automatic reconciliation.
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Communicate on a single platform

Every communication linked to your invoices are centralized on Recovr. Thanks to our smart links, every third-party working on your recovery is updating your case directly on Recovr. From the call-center, the lawyer or the bailiff as well as the reaction of your debtors. Stop chasing the information.

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